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 “IndraDev Chalchitra Mandir” is  registered under Nepal Government Company Act IndraDev Chalchitra Mandir illustrates itself as “Film Food Fun” industry located at the heart of Chitwan City. It is Startup Company with first class amenities, sophisticated technologies and very good infrastructures of its kind in the vicinity. We believe in our guest satisfaction serving with great pleasure, patience and charming to indulge with your family members and friends. The idea of operating IndraDev Chalchitra Mandir was emerged along with aspiring members of seven personnel from various profiles. With energetic and enthusiastic spirit, we have taken our ever first step in this entertainment sector as there is lack of entertainment area for those who are fond of. We are expecting 2000 footfalls during weekends and 1000 footfalls during weekdays.

Guests allow themselves to pamper with wide range of selection of food and beverage from our spacious food counters. Live musical band, stage shows and sports screening will be organized accordingly at our food court. Foodie eats in thoughtfully conceptualized surroundings that are special custom designed, friendly environment and comfortable couches. Beside this, Our multiplex is equipped with 2K Christie Solar One Projection, 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround System, comfortable and luxurious seats, wide Screens for your favorite movies and wide range of Food and Beverage counters at our own Food Court and Concession. Our auditoriums are designed for Silver Screen for the latest 3D hi-tech for realistic, crystal clear sound system, HD picture quality.

IndraDev Chalchitra Mandir strongly believe in bringing the highest exhibition standards to make your Movie Experience “the best memorable forever” with our excellent services at our different pace starting from ticket counter to Exit. We have ample ticketing counters operating from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM for faster and easier ticketing. Apart from this, we have tele-booking service where tickets are booked through telephone... We also have online ticketing system to buy the movie tickets online on  .At F & B Counter we offer varieties of quality food which can be ordered and served on ones seat. We have a huge lounge with luxurious sofa where you can enjoy the trailer of the upcoming movies on the wall screens before your show starts.
We look forward to bring more innovative ideas in respect of new latest technologies, advance operating systems, best offers & future expansion to provide complete entertainment experience for its patrons.
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